Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saul Zaentz, c.1970s

Frank Gehry, c.1990

Brian Jones, 1960s

Charles Durning (from The Hudsucker Proxy), c.1994

Zero Mostel (from Old Faithful), c.1973

Bernadette Peters, c.1970s

John Turturro (from Do The Right Thing), c.1989

Mario Andretti, c.1960s

Cindy Wilson, c.1977

Gavin MacLeod (from Kelly's Heroes), c.1970

Friday, February 27, 2015

John Steinbeck, c.1962

Elizabeth Taylor, c.1965

Elizabeth Taylor, c.1970s

Elizabeth Taylor, c.1970s

Dexter Gordon, c.1977

Winifred Atwell, c.1950s

Joanne Woodward (from They Might Be Giants), c.1971

Rudolf Steiner, c.1900s

Joan Bennett (Secret Beyond the Door), c.1947

Peter Revson, c.1973

Howard Hesseman (from Flight of the Navigator), c.1986

Van Williams (from The Green Hornet), c.1966

Lee Atwater, c.1989

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Michel Legrand, c.1960s

Steve Jobs, c.1982

Marisa Mell, c.1967

Honus Wagner, c.1949

Edward James Olmos (from American Me), c.1992

George Thorogood, c.1985

Barry Bostwick (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show), c.1975

Victor Moore (from We're Not Married), c.1952

Kristin Davis (from Doom Asylum), c.1987