Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Gregory Peck (from To Kill A Mockingbird), c.1962

Gregory Peck (Cape Fear), c.1962

Bette Davis, c.1940s

Spencer Tracy, c.1961

Colin Powell, c.1989

Pharrell Williams, c.1999

Walter Huston, c.1940s

Frank Gorshin (from Batman), c.1967

Roger Davis, c.1968

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Marlon Brando, c.1970s

Marlon Brando (The Men), c.1950

Doris Day (Lover Come Back), c.1961

Eddie Murphy (from Doctor Doolittle), c.1998

Mike Ness, c.1990s

Alec Baldwin (from Prelude to a Kiss), c.1992

Catherine Spaak (from The Easy Life), c.1962

David Hyde Pierce, c.1990s